Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


  • More creative, productive and motivated team
  • Raised interest of employees, customers, investors coming from broader backgrounds
  • Better innovation, technology and products
  • Higher positive impact in society


  • Diversity and Inclusion Advisors
  • Diversity and Inclusion KPIs
  • Employee oriented and supportive company culture
  • Open feedback and just culture
  • Inviting and inclusive office space and digital tools
  • Obtain “Great place to work” certification until end of 2024
  • > 40% female team member until end of 2026
  • > 5 nationalities until end of 2026


  • Quarterly meeting with diversity & inclusion advisors to discuss challenges and solutions
  • Diversity and Inclusion KPIs established, adapted, and monitored together with advisors
  • Quarterly team retrospectives to foster exchange at eye level between different generations, different gender, different disciplines, different company levels
  • Yearly employee survey to identify potential sources of discrimination (w.r.t. nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, language …) and solutions to raise inclusiveness
  • Complaints body and possibility for anonymous feedback – regular reminders to use them
  • Support initiatives w.r.t. FEMTEC, STEM Gap, … to contribute to more diverse engineering talent
  • Compensate lack of diverse engineering talent in non-engineering business areas
  • Hire international talent, offer work flexibility, individual training, and health programs
  • Offer individual solutions for individual challenges
  • Team workshops to raise awareness as well as optimize company culture and offers




Examples for challenges and solutions:

Challenge: Childcare / Care responsibilities
Solution Example: More flexible working hours, support for childcare close to home/office, workation

Challenge: Conflicts, Bullying, Discrimination
Solution Example: Clarifying conversations, ombudsperson, mediation, disciplinary actions

Challenge: Physical or mental disabilities
Solution Example: Accessible and barrier-free documents and tools, individual home office agreement, adapted workspace to individual needs

Challenge: Single household / new to the country
Solution Example: Cook healthy food together, social events, team sports, private communication channels, use office infrastructure (e.g. printer, tooling) also for private needs

Challenge: Underrepresented gender
Solution Example: team awareness, employee referrals to raise gender share, compensate in other business areas, confidential sessions with diversity & inclusion advisors (how to address problems, tips to have one’s say), ombudsperson, team retrospectives, team events

Challenge: Individual needs
Solution Example: Hygiene articles, lactose-free/soy milk, special chair, special headset, special monitor, …

Challenge: Bad internet access at home
Solution Example: Find solution for better internet (Provider, Starlink, …); offer personally assigned desk in office instead of shared-desk; offer office space (e.g. coworking) close to home

Challenge: Bad public transportation / Long commuting distance
Solution Example: Offer free/cheap accommodation close to office for multi-day stay, increased home office amount, support personal vehicle

Challenge: Time table restrictions
Solution Example: More flexible working hours, increased home office amount, workation



Feel free to discuss your personal challenge at any time – we will find a solution!