Active turbulence

Turbulence Cancelling is able to reduce turbulence loads felt by passengers by more than 80% making use of counteracting control surface deflections.

Combined Feedforward and Feedback Control

Anticipating measurement of turbulence ahead of aircraft see Turbulence Load Prediction. High-dynamic lift variation low inertia flaps, see Direct Lift Control

Holistic Incorporation of Flight Dynamics

More than wing root moments.
Vertical Acceleration, Pitch, Roll, Wing Bending

Verified in manned flight tests

Flight tests with manned demonstrator aircraft have already confirmed the positive effects

Patented method and controller

First US patent granted, EP positive preliminary examination. Further patents in application

Direct Lift

Direct Lift Control is achieved by dynamically adjusting the wing shape instead of rotating the whole aircraft - like birds do.

High-Dynamic Lift Control
No adverse Angle Of Attack Oscillation
Conventional Flaps or Morphing Technology

Turbulence Load Prediction

Turbulence Load Prediction enables to proactively anticipate turbulence impacts rather than only react after their occurrence.

Anticipating turbulence measurement
In-phase compensation signal
Pressure Sensors or Wind Lidar Technology

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